The season of solitude has come for me

Silence has started to creep up on my winter sleeves

Nights are doomed and days are dull

The sparkle in the eyes long gone

With just your memories to hold on

My words and thoughts gone into hiberdnation

And here I stand, in a paralysed situation

There’s smiles and laughter around me

But I just crave the ones you brought me

Still trying to hold on to whatever is left

While you keep going deeper into the cocoon you felt

I lay at night shoving my face in the pillow, talking to my demons

Wishing they let you know my state

Sitting in cafes trying to hold back my tears

If this is solitude, I don’t want it near







With a hunger for authenticity and unique distinctiveness, I felt the urge to be normal. This uncertainty of my mind always kept me enclosed in a paradox. What sets us apart can be terrifying or comforting and more often that not you can’t decide which one to seek solace in. There’s this harrowing urge to fit in? Like you don’t want to but you still want to because those norms of the world are what makes normalcy normal. I’m a colossal wreck and so is everyone else. I’m not normal but are you? I’m imperfectly perfect, because I set my own standards of regularity and if people are not okay with that maybe they need to alter their standards. The population is nearing 8 billion and the genetic differences in people don’t allow them to be homogeneous. This distinctiveness in individuality ensures that there is evolution. No exclusivity would mean generating clones and what would the world be if that was even a possibility in one of the parallel universes. I learnt that you will never be able to influence the world by being just like it, you wont leave an eternal impression by being ordinary. The planet is filled with nefariously cynical people and you certainly shouldn’t be adding to the load.


So , Love the scar you got when you had your first accident or the fact that your hair is not evenly distributed on your head. Love your crooked smile and the half broken tooth you have because you were just learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels. Love the stretch marks on your body spread far and wide. Love the short height you’re gifted with because someone’s gotta stay grounded. Embrace the defects or the faults as others call them, to me they’re just a part of your identity. Admire the dusky skin tone you were blessed with for beauty is not defined by color. Do not seek validation, for there is no better judge for you than yourself.


I’m not perfect, I’m not normal. What’s best is that I don’t even wish to be.






She’s vulnerable yet strong

She rises from the ashes like a phoenix reborn

She lets her wound open in hope of it bleeding her dry

She slits her wrists but keeps her smile intact

She lets the feelings of worthlessness set camp in her mind

She believes in monsters for she’s lived with them day and night

She looks for a ray of sunshine, but rushes to curtain the windows to suffocate it

She scribbles a death note on a tissue paper in a coffee house but flushes it down the drain

She lets in men, hoping this one wouldn’t be the same

She loves to look at the moon thinking of a peaceful life up there

She reads a book, but tears off the happy endings for she knows they’re a lie

She stares into nothingness in hope of feeling something again or not feeling anything at all

She overdoses on drugs to let the universe off the heavy load

She gathers courage to get off the bed and keep her numb feet on the ground

She walks up to the mirror but cannot lift her head for the tears keep it down

She’s scared of her dysthymia but doesn’t want to be treated

She feels like she’s in the wrong story even though it’s her own

She doesn’t avoid sharp objects, just keeps them close

She isn’t afraid of hitting the rock bed for the tranquility will bring solace

She wears red lipstick for it reminds her of bloodshed

She smokes in hoping of choking on the smoke

She hopes a good night’s sleep will turn into a good life’s sleep

She shows you pictures of herself with perfect captions and picturesque landscapes while she thinks of self- annihilation

She fights, not with the world but herself

She creates her own battlefield and her own armour

She’s a warrior for she wakes up each day and doesn’t give up

For a day will come when she won’t



The view i long for

A place… unexplored

The brink of the cliff

Seeing the sky fuse with the ocean

The place which brings with it the beginning of the end

Meet me there

Don’t say anything…

Just watch with me how the sunbeams touch the white clouds and turn them picturesque pearly and cloth the moana with lustrous gleam.

Inhale the sweet smell of the water touching the rocks, the cool breeze hitting our faces.

With our hands intertwined

Where the lens is wide but the focus is YOU

Meet me there

Don’t say anything

Just breathe

In sync

Till we give in























— and take the leap —














via Daily Prompt: Focused



bigger than just love

Often the world gets pretty desolated  and you start thinking about the times you wept alone in darkness and all the times you wished you had someone by your side,  someone to share your inhibitions with, someone to weep with, someone to come back home to..

No matter how busy you try to keep yourself and how occupied you stay, these thoughts creep into your mind from your subconscious and slowly make their way to your heart (always the best and easiest target).
Many times I feel that love is an adventitious word- A foreign word that is in vogue but is like a new fashion that is not understood by everyone.The hindrance we experience if we think about taking one step in that direction or the detestable feelings that crawl within our gut and do not let us move forward with the same are what tell us that love is not meant for us.. On and off we assure our fragile hearts of the same, but rarely succeed.




Will you not agree if i say love is about moving to a new city and exploring  a new you? or about finding a new passion and giving it your all.It could be about a new talent, a new hobby or a different idea towards tackling something old which can prove to be the next best thing you do with your life. Love is about traveling the world until you find the motive of your existence.


“darling you were created to move mountains”





Life is certainly not about confining yourself or limiting yourself to a selective/ countable number of people and conditioning yourself to believe that this is the best thing that  could happen to you. Life is about not limiting yourself between two lines.

“i want no roads , just fields to roam.
with blameless blue skies and rustling wind.
where the sunshine clothes the barley in gold.
with sapphire nights and the reassuring light.
dont limit me between two lines,
let boundless earth and sky be mine”

It is about human libraries.It is about meeting new groups of people from different social contexts who inspire you to live better, who motivate you to heights, enlighten you with their wisdom.. through their stories, their experiences and the moments that changed their lives.

Maybe its not about a single person giving you an opinion or a judgement but a handful helping you make better decisions with constructive criticism.. and ultimately its about being inspired by yourself without needing external validation and approval.

Because your journey from now onward is about changing your own life and being your own superhero.




Now is the era when we redefine love.Lets not cage someone and call it love, but set them all free.Give them enough reasons and good memories to come back but ensure they are not in a compromisable position if they are staying with you.

‘If you cage a bird and feed it everyday, it will still dream of being in the open, of flying like thousands of others. But if you feed a free bird, it will surely come back to you’

Life was never about holding someone back..

‘Our mothers give birth to us, bring us in this beautiful yet cruel world, ensure our comfort, sacrifice their lives in order to make our lives better, and then one day.. sets us free to face the harsh realities of the bellicose humankind.

If one has to live in harmony, some things have to be realized sooner than later :-

Maybe the journey is about learning from the past and letting it go and embracing the new dawn with a warm smile and loads of hopes.Maybe life is not about forseeing  futures with your loved ones but ensuring you live each moment to the fullest and dream breath by breath .



(cause some things are bigger than just love)





Much love and gratitude to each one reading this :’) ❤



via Daily Prompt: Harmony



like flames divine , you and I were meant to shine

with a sparkle that no dark could dull

with a warmth that even the sun could burn

flames that went sky high in the shallow hearts of ours

flames that lit the the two of us , but led to inferno

with brightness to provide along with the blazed darkened skin as the aftermath

a spark which was mine , a flame which was divine.





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scorching fire

via Daily Prom

Even though I’ve been through this a hundred times already, if just the thought of it fills the air around me, I still tremble . A deep seated nerve in me is touched, twisted, cut and then put back. I think I have healed or maybe I have conditioned myself into believing that I have.

You know, one fine morning you wake up and you feel at ease, like it’s all okay… but do you know you were able to make it till the morning only because you cried the whole night and gave yourself false assurance and a false hope of a merrier ‘morrow. Don’t worry , reality strikes , and it’ll strike again ,maybe harder maybe not so much. You will have to bear the brunt. Wounds do heal , but the scars are forever there to remind you of what you have been through once. Take it as a blessing that you survived this and did not give in or take it to be a daily reminder of what not to do.

Somehow I’m sure it will all happen again. We’re all a part of life’s vicious circle.


You will come

I will fall for you 

You will leave

I will fall because of you 


And if they ever ask you why she left .. tell them she wanted some cool shade but I threw her in the scorching fire.


pt: Scorched

2 am thoughts when death haunts



How do you convince someone that the person they just lost had to live this much only ? How do you make sure they think that the separation was for the good?

Moving on to better things? Is it?

How do you learn to let go? How do you make them see that deep down underneath all these layers of skin , you’re purplish-blue, you’re filled with contusions. The blood has refused  to flow and just like all the memories , it too has clotted.


‘chalte chalte ruk jaati hoon’

‘baithe baithe yu hi ek aasun sarak jaata hai aankh se’

‘bolte bolte shabd bhool jaati hu’

‘likhte likhte haath ruk jaate hain’



If only death was easy to part with , living would have been easier.

Its not just the person that dies and goes away , a huge part of us dies along with them.. it too goes away. And we can never be the same. The smile changes , the mind changes. And the heart… it goes through one more negligible lesion though this destruction is frequently permanent.


‘suna hoga aapne, zindagi hoti bahut choti hai par kyu kisi ke jaane ke baad din dhalte hi nahi aur raatein kat ti nahi’

Now all the questions come pouring in. What if I had done this then.. maybe things would have been different. or , what if I was there then, this wouldn’t have happened , along with this ,tons of such dubitable thoughts cross your mind, and that’s when you start blaming yourself and cause catastrophic collapse.


‘tum toh chale gaye hazaaron yaadein deke , pata nahi tha saath mujhe bhi lejaoge yaha jeeta chodhke’


Maybe its time you stop getting attached . Maybe its time you stop loving & its high time you become stone-cold.









it’s not yours after all!

How goals and aspirations differ from person to person is something very intriguing. What means nothing to you, might be the other’s everything. Neither should we judge or discriminate people if they are not as advantaged as most of us are nor should we boast about the things we have to our names. However, one thing can have a thousand perspectives to it. I personally think this is something that should be put forward and be brought to everyone’s attention , because unintentionally.. any one of us could be doing it at varying degrees at the very small opportunities we get!


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