who are we?

We are , everything!

We are the unimaginable universe that cannot be fathomed.

We are the perfect combination of the five elements of nature.

We are the rocket sciences and the metaphysics.

We are a mesh , stardust of extravagant emotions.

We are one in a million with our unique genetic coding , impossible to decipher.

We’re beautiful , with the flaws and imperfections.

We are the the cells , tissues and organs put together to create existence.

We’re works of art, a masterpiece being designed,one stroke at a time.

We’re all smart, the grey matter working furiously to put forward our best version.

We are stories , pages being added each day , a human diary.

We are the leap of faith we take , the valleys we jump and the mountains we ascend.


We are enough for ourselves and we don’t need anyone to make us realise our worth.

We’re everything.





Yesterday while sitting on the porch I was holding a cup of tea with not much intention to drink it . The cup had been there for over ten minutes ,mostly to warm the hands as the weather was cold & damp . Along with experiencing the pre monsoon showers and the 10° drop in temperature, watching the rain drops fall on the road and cover it in a darker shade of grey a thought crossed my mind.. wait.. not crossed it stayed there for a while.

How different things had been when we were kids. I don’t mean to talk philosophically here and lay down a column wise distinction of then and now.The need to be accepted as a part of the popular group seemed like our only aim in life. We disrespected teachers because supposedly it was ‘cool’. We ate like cool kids, walked like them , talked like them. Their ideologies became ours .. we began to have same point of views towards things, simply for acceptance.

If something embarrassing happened to us in school or at a party .. or a conversation with our middle school crush didn’t work out well, we would refuse to get out of our room.. forget going to school in such scenarios. A pimple would be a big deal.. taking pizza in our tiffins would make us so proud and if by chance it had roti sabzi, half of us didn’t even want to open it in front of everyone , no matter what the level of hunger was. Many of us would refuse to raise our hands in class if we didn’t understand a sum of trigonometry.. just because it would make us look stupid.. and yes we ran away from getting humiliated publicly.

If we look at each day , it seems similar to the previous one but when we look back to those days , we see that a long distance has been covered by us. By passing time and maturing minds , realization struck us hard. Being accepted by others means nothing. The only acceptance you should seek is your own because that is on the apex . Until you do not take yourself with all the flaws and the imperfections , no one else will. We sure tried to imitate them to the highest extent and often failed at understanding that they had very cleanly accepted their flaws and they were proud of them. No, they weren’t perfect kids.. or had the perfect bodies. They were proud individuals.. it was not what they did that made them cool but the confidence they had within themselves.

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Have you ever considered pinning down your chaotic apprehensions?
If yes, I’m glad you have. I’m sharing this piece with you to only tell you about the significance of jotting down what’s going on in your mind. Each person has about 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day , which is 40-50 per minute.But sometimes our minds along with our hearts forget to think so much. There is one thing that takes up most of the thought process, it comes up every time you think of something other than that or even if you just try to think about something else… it’s like a surround sound system making sure that each vibration reaches your core and reverberates inside you.

Writing is not about using every ostentatious word in the dictionary, its about releasing your emotions ,  It means showcasing them to the world and inspiring people who are dealing with similar situations , it means telling them that they aren’t alone in their fights.
If you have to show off your fancy vocabulary you might as well choose writing a dictionary rather than a blog or a website.

Anyone who reads this , just please understand that writing is very important. As I mentioned above , one thing takes up the whole of your thought process. Until you do not write that down somewhere, your mind will not be able to function normally.

Writing is an essential part of life. Write a diary , write a blog , write poems .. just write.
My personal experiences tell me that it won’t ever let you down. You’re only going to get lifted , you’re going to have a complete different perspective about the same problems before you wrote them down.

Write for yourself


power of positivity

‘With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts’ – Eleanor Roosevelt.

One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. All of us have been through a lot and are still going through a lot. For most of us each day is a battle for survival where we win against life by fighting the odds. Our body is the gift from god , it is holy and should be kept in a positive state of mind with positive thoughts , attitude and emotions.

The power of each negative thought we posses is immense. If we’re in a jungle and see an enormous python slithering in our direction, we do not think about anything other than saving our self. The focus is entirely shifted to the python’s movement, the fear it creates and how can we get away from that situation safely. Every other thing is blocked out of the mind for this time span.

In other words.. Negative emotions narrow our mind and direct our thinking to only one point. However in modern society we do not have to worry about coming across a python. The problem here is that our brains are still programmed to respond to negative emotions in the same way — by shutting off the outside world and limiting the options we see around us. Eg, if we’re in a heated argument or quarrel we do not realize what we speak and how we may hurt the sentiments of others. We do not try to understand them, their point of view and what made them take that particular step, another way some people respond to this is by fleet, they do not think it is important to be there and sort things or get to a solution .. Instead they run away thinking it would help ease the situations. Similarly if we are stressed out , we are blinded to see the bright side of the  things we’re stressing about .. We fail to see what can be done and focus on what cannot be done. In each case, your brain closes off from the outside world and focuses on the negative emotions of fear, anger, and stress — just like it did with the python. Negative emotions prevent your brain from seeing the other options and choices that surround you.


Only in darkness can we see the stars so if sorrow has clouded us we have to believe that there will be a silver lining, soon we will be able to see the stars.                                             Positive thoughts have a greater impact on us as compared to negative ones. If we take the similar situations where we responded with negative emotions, positive ones would have elevated us and helped us to think more clearly and in a broader spectrum.How being positive helps us :-

  • Positive mind attracts positive events.
  • It makes sure your physical health is also intact.
  • It is the key to success , no great man has succeeded due to negative thoughts.
  • Helps us to stay optimistic.
  • Makes you grounded and makes sure you’re in touch with reality.

Taking all these points into consideration we can analyze that positivity can help us build and foster the growth of our minds. Many learned people have constantly been telling us that ‘what you think you become’ and here I am just reiterating the facts and bringing it up again. If we are convinced that we’re sick or unwell, we will be, even if no scientific symptoms persist. Many such cases of illness have been recorded.From these examples we can infer that sickness and well being all begin from the mind and our thoughts can easily mould our health. We might have heard Albert Einstein’s story .. everyone comes across failure and negativity but only those who rise from it can succeed , and what helps them through this is positivity . Being positive in life makes us more grounded, we have the reality with us always and our hearts are full of gratitude.                                                        What kills us is not the troublesome situation but the thoughts we carry with ourselves. Each day , each moment is a chance to change , a chance to be better , a chance to win. Jelaludin rumi rightly said ‘ protect yourself from your own thoughts’




;on moving on


I know its hard to survive but is it that difficult that you want to give up ?

For every action there is an equal reaction , so if youre stuck , if you have no  where to go , or don’t know what to do or whom to talk to because no one understands you, its okay…
Just think this through once. Your parents are the only ones who are responsible to keep you happy . No one else in this world has an obligation to keep you content or satisfy your wants. So donot bother getting sad when they promised you the world but ended up only bruising your soul. Craving the same person is totally okay because at one point of time in your life , they gave you jitters and made you feel special  , but life is not about being in a place surrounded by only one kind of feeling . In order to grow and move ahead in life you need to gather various kinds of experiences. Happiness consists in activity . It is a running stream and not a stagnant pool.

If your boyfriend didn’t treat you right , don’t worry someone better will come along soon.

If your college bestfriend backstabbed you , don’t worry , youre the one whose a better person. Forgive her and move on.

If your  friends seem to go far away from you , don’t worry , close your eyes are think if they really mattered to you.
Because this cruel has made everyone selfish and profit driven , if they used you and then left you when you were no longer  of use , its okay, that’s just how it is.
Donot let anyone make you feel that way , elevate yourself and be bigger than all these problems , because this is temporary and as you grow up there are some things that youll have to accept and move on. Since everything is not under your control and you cannot change or mould situations and people according to you , its better to let go of it and keep walking ahead. In some years youll see this wasn’t even such a bad thing as you think it is. Right now you would feel like you’re thoughts consume you , however in some years you’ll realize each and every thing that happened to you led you on to something very beautiful. Do not give up. Do not think this is the end of everything. Be sad , Cry.. Cry a river but let the same thing not affect you again , Learn to accept the apology that never knocked your doorstep . Till you donot forgive and move on would you actually be able to move on? Be successful enough so that the world knows your name. Do it for your parents , make them happy because the same way they are responsible for your happiness , you are responsible for theirs. Do not waste your precious time on making other people happy who donot treat you right and give no significance to you in their lives. Do not get walked over each time. This one time , try being strong!

And walk the walk, while they talk the talk.


The weaker sex

Often referred to as the weaker sex, women are trying hard to break through the stigma and have an identity of their own.
A housewife on an average would earn almost 40k-70k rupees if the work they do is converted into money.
However, males are associated with having the corridor of power and the woman is made to dance to their tune.
She wakes up when the owls are still awake and the sun is probably taking its beauty sleep . Begins with the chores.. makes food for everyone, packs tiffin for the kids,serves tea to the husband, washes the dirty laundry,irons the kid’s uniforms,gets ready and leaves for work.She comes back and dedicates herself solely to her house,besides being burdened with the stress and load from her workplace.
No, women don’t want you to be looked down upon. All they are looking for is just some acknowledgement of not being called the weaker sex.

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