How do you convince someone that the person they just lost had to live this much only ? How do you make sure they think that the separation was for the good?

Moving on to better things? Is it?

How do you learn to let go? How do you make them see that deep down underneath all these layers of skin , you’re purplish-blue, you’re filled with contusions. The blood has refused  to flow and just like all the memories , it too has clotted.


‘chalte chalte ruk jaati hoon’

‘baithe baithe yu hi ek aasun sarak jaata hai aankh se’

‘bolte bolte shabd bhool jaati hu’

‘likhte likhte haath ruk jaate hain’



If only death was easy to part with , living would have been easier.

Its not just the person that dies and goes away , a huge part of us dies along with them.. it too goes away. And we can never be the same. The smile changes , the mind changes. And the heart… it goes through one more negligible lesion though this destruction is frequently permanent.


‘suna hoga aapne, zindagi hoti bahut choti hai par kyu kisi ke jaane ke baad din dhalte hi nahi aur raatein kat ti nahi’

Now all the questions come pouring in. What if I had done this then.. maybe things would have been different. or , what if I was there then, this wouldn’t have happened , along with this ,tons of such dubitable thoughts cross your mind, and that’s when you start blaming yourself and cause catastrophic collapse.


‘tum toh chale gaye hazaaron yaadein deke , pata nahi tha saath mujhe bhi lejaoge yaha jeeta chodhke’


Maybe its time you stop getting attached . Maybe its time you stop loving & its high time you become stone-cold.