How goals and aspirations differ from person to person is something very intriguing. What means nothing to you, might be the other’s everything. Neither should we judge or discriminate people if they are not as advantaged as most of us are nor should we boast about the things we have to our names. However, one thing can have a thousand perspectives to it. I personally think this is something that should be put forward and be brought to everyone’s attention , because unintentionally.. any one of us could be doing it at varying degrees at the very small opportunities we get!


On behalf of most of us-

While people are busy partying and spending their parents’ money; I’m working.I’m slowly building am empire under all the layers of sorrow , brokenness , pennilessness and sleepless nights.

I am not hanging out at the most expensive restros and paying a fortune for a couple of drinks; I’m breathing dust and giving out sweat.

I am not out in the night, driving overly expensive unaffordable cars; I’m reading a book about an old rustic farmer instead.

I am not telling the world who my father is and what authority he holds, but I’m preparing myself so that I won’t have to use my father’s name to back me up or fetch me what I need or get me out of a felony.( tu jaanta nai hai mera baap kaun hai) :p

I am not one of the super-rich kids with nothing but fake friends always ready for a sneak out, I have a handful of friends and our money doesn’t alter our relationship in anyway.

I am not cruising in Europe just because I want to, I am not heading off to Milan for the weekend cause I have some shopping to do, I am sitting at home, enjoying a cup of masala chai.

I am not rushing to the opening of new stores to buy modest clothes with extravagant price tags.

I govern my urge to splurge, rather I’m saving it so that I can go on a simple vacation with my best friend without all the plastic feelings.

I don’t count friends on the basis of their possessions; instead I look out for the ones who I can pour my heart out to.

I don’t need the ones who boast about their extortionate wealth, I prefer the ones who believe in the concept of DIYs and growing big.

I hold an opinion that self-mastery is an art that helps us grow and determines the course of our lives. It is what transmogrified me as a better human being.

Having tons doesn’t make you what you are , having nothing is what reveals the truth.You can’t judge a person by what he has , but what he doesn’t.

Haven’t you noticed that when you come across such a person .. all they have to talk about is that how eagerly they are waiting for the new release of a phone or how they are going to attend a sunburn concert.Next time make sure they know that it’s their parents hard earned money which they are spending in less than the blink of an eye.

They can boast all they want , it doesn’t belong to them and even they know it!