via Daily Prom

Even though I’ve been through this a hundred times already, if just the thought of it fills the air around me, I still tremble . A deep seated nerve in me is touched, twisted, cut and then put back. I think I have healed or maybe I have conditioned myself into believing that I have.

You know, one fine morning you wake up and you feel at ease, like it’s all okay… but do you know you were able to make it till the morning only because you cried the whole night and gave yourself false assurance and a false hope of a merrier ‘morrow. Don’t worry , reality strikes , and it’ll strike again ,maybe harder maybe not so much. You will have to bear the brunt. Wounds do heal , but the scars are forever there to remind you of what you have been through once. Take it as a blessing that you survived this and did not give in or take it to be a daily reminder of what not to do.

Somehow I’m sure it will all happen again. We’re all a part of life’s vicious circle.


You will come

I will fall for you 

You will leave

I will fall because of you 


And if they ever ask you why she left .. tell them she wanted some cool shade but I threw her in the scorching fire.


pt: Scorched