The generation which is perennially sad, has given up , is materialistic, survives on short lived happiness, gets allured by superficial things ,plans the weekend but not the future, lets their mind be controlled by things that barely matter, cannot manage time , would choose a night out with random friends over a dinner at home, prefers binge watching a television series (Netflix & chill concept) rather than having a real impactful conversation ,and  is driven by lust. This list is perpetual and interminable and now we’re stuck in Escher’s maze.

 This one goes out to them ; to us.

When was the last time you were happy without being under the influence of weed or hash? When was the last time you thought of giving up on life because your significant other let you down?  When was the last time you didn’t have any conflict of opinion with you parents or elders? When was the last time you went shopping, checked out the recently opened mall or bought stuff online because you were getting a fair deal or because the annual sale was on? Or When was the last time you did something good without expecting anything in return? Ask yourself these questions. And the only way to get things back on track is to be honest with yourself while you contemplate and then ponder over this issue.

 If not all of these are check listed , I’m sure some would be. Like we say , ‘It’s in the air’ similarly ‘it’s in the generation’. It’s in you , in me and in all of us ending teenhood and entering adultage.                                       Rather , most of us get caught up and find ourselves in our twenties amidst the boozy montage , refusing to grow up , refusing to take responsibilities, refusing to let go of the easy life being served to us on a silver platter.


Sooner or later the dilemma has to resolved  and a choice has to be made between the undesirable options. At first change is difficult , hard to accept and impossible to adhere. Nobody is perfect , we’ve all lost and we’ve all lied. Most of us cheated and the rest of us tried. We’ve all got dirty laundry hanging on the line. And no one else besides ourselves can bring about a change. We have to be in charge , regulate our emotions , weigh our actions , be decisive and not lose hope.

Before the clock takes away all the time it gives you —–