We are , everything!

We are the unimaginable universe that cannot be fathomed.

We are the perfect combination of the five elements of nature.

We are the rocket sciences and the metaphysics.

We are a mesh , stardust of extravagant emotions.

We are one in a million with our unique genetic coding , impossible to decipher.

We’re beautiful , with the flaws and imperfections.

We are the the cells , tissues and organs put together to create existence.

We’re works of art, a masterpiece being designed,one stroke at a time.

We’re all smart, the grey matter working furiously to put forward our best version.

We are stories , pages being added each day , a human diary.

We are the leap of faith we take , the valleys we jump and the mountains we ascend.


We are enough for ourselves and we don’t need anyone to make us realise our worth.

We’re everything.