Have you ever considered pinning down your chaotic apprehensions?
If yes, I’m glad you have. I’m sharing this piece with you to only tell you about the significance of jotting down what’s going on in your mind. Each person has about 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day , which is 40-50 per minute.But sometimes our minds along with our hearts forget to think so much. There is one thing that takes up most of the thought process, it comes up every time you think of something other than that or even if you just try to think about something else… it’s like a surround sound system making sure that each vibration reaches your core and reverberates inside you.

Writing is not about using every ostentatious word in the dictionary, its about releasing your emotions ,  It means showcasing them to the world and inspiring people who are dealing with similar situations , it means telling them that they aren’t alone in their fights.
If you have to show off your fancy vocabulary you might as well choose writing a dictionary rather than a blog or a website.

Anyone who reads this , just please understand that writing is very important. As I mentioned above , one thing takes up the whole of your thought process. Until you do not write that down somewhere, your mind will not be able to function normally.

Writing is an essential part of life. Write a diary , write a blog , write poems .. just write.
My personal experiences tell me that it won’t ever let you down. You’re only going to get lifted , you’re going to have a complete different perspective about the same problems before you wrote them down.

Write for yourself