I know its hard to survive but is it that difficult that you want to give up ?

For every action there is an equal reaction , so if youre stuck , if you have no  where to go , or don’t know what to do or whom to talk to because no one understands you, its okay…
Just think this through once. Your parents are the only ones who are responsible to keep you happy . No one else in this world has an obligation to keep you content or satisfy your wants. So donot bother getting sad when they promised you the world but ended up only bruising your soul. Craving the same person is totally okay because at one point of time in your life , they gave you jitters and made you feel special  , but life is not about being in a place surrounded by only one kind of feeling . In order to grow and move ahead in life you need to gather various kinds of experiences. Happiness consists in activity . It is a running stream and not a stagnant pool.

If your boyfriend didn’t treat you right , don’t worry someone better will come along soon.

If your college bestfriend backstabbed you , don’t worry , youre the one whose a better person. Forgive her and move on.

If your  friends seem to go far away from you , don’t worry , close your eyes are think if they really mattered to you.
Because this cruel has made everyone selfish and profit driven , if they used you and then left you when you were no longer  of use , its okay, that’s just how it is.
Donot let anyone make you feel that way , elevate yourself and be bigger than all these problems , because this is temporary and as you grow up there are some things that youll have to accept and move on. Since everything is not under your control and you cannot change or mould situations and people according to you , its better to let go of it and keep walking ahead. In some years youll see this wasn’t even such a bad thing as you think it is. Right now you would feel like you’re thoughts consume you , however in some years you’ll realize each and every thing that happened to you led you on to something very beautiful. Do not give up. Do not think this is the end of everything. Be sad , Cry.. Cry a river but let the same thing not affect you again , Learn to accept the apology that never knocked your doorstep . Till you donot forgive and move on would you actually be able to move on? Be successful enough so that the world knows your name. Do it for your parents , make them happy because the same way they are responsible for your happiness , you are responsible for theirs. Do not waste your precious time on making other people happy who donot treat you right and give no significance to you in their lives. Do not get walked over each time. This one time , try being strong!

And walk the walk, while they talk the talk.