Often referred to as the weaker sex, women are trying hard to break through the stigma and have an identity of their own.
A housewife on an average would earn almost 40k-70k rupees if the work they do is converted into money.
However, males are associated with having the corridor of power and the woman is made to dance to their tune.
She wakes up when the owls are still awake and the sun is probably taking its beauty sleep . Begins with the chores.. makes food for everyone, packs tiffin for the kids,serves tea to the husband, washes the dirty laundry,irons the kid’s uniforms,gets ready and leaves for work.She comes back and dedicates herself solely to her house,besides being burdened with the stress and load from her workplace.
No, women don’t want you to be looked down upon. All they are looking for is just some acknowledgement of not being called the weaker sex.